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EXS Halloween Condom Foil Design

Width : 56mm Length : 190mm Thickness : 0.045mm

This EXS circular foil contains one EXS Air Thin condom. The foil is fun and discreet and the design is targeted towards those at schools and colleges! This next generation condom is the thinnest kitemarked condom in the world. The latex is so thin that it has been said "It feels like your not wearing a condom at all"

Established in 1993, the EXS brand is the fastest growing brand in Europe. Based in the UK the EXS range is diverse, safe, and above all, fun!

Manufactured to exceed international standards, as these condoms are electronically tested, which is additional to the standard ISO4074 2002. All of EXS products carry the CE Mark, or both the CE Mark the British Kitemark and LTC own quality mark.

EXS is sold through NHS Supplies, hundreds of retailers across the UK, and in several other territories including Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and Italy.

Made to the exacting quality demanded by all EXS products and fully conforming to all safety standards, EXS is the new name in safe sex. 

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Age_group 16 years upwards
Gender Any


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100 Condoms in Assorted packaging (4TS-CCPC) 100 Condoms in Assorted packaging (4TS-CCPC)
£10.00 *
Condom Demonstrator - PURPLE (4TS-CD6) Condom Demonstrator - PURPLE (4TS-CD6)
£7.50 *
50 Condoms in Christmas packaging 50 Condoms in Christmas packaging
£5.00 *
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