Product no.: 003C Halloween Condoms 25

Fun spooky Halloween themed condoms. EXS products are CE Mark/CE Mark & British Kitemark for quality

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Product no.: 203

Lube Sachets Jar Mixed Flavoured Lube sachets Mint, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla All flavoured lubes are condom compatible

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Product no.: 002C Bulk Buy Condoms - 100

100 Assorted condoms - different packaging suitable for classroom or workshop settings, use with condom demonstrators (purchased separately)

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Product no.: 93

These bargain condom demonstrators come in a range of colours, they are made from a ridged moulded plastic and are great for use in large groups or classroom settings.

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Product no.: 005C

Chirstmas Circular foil contains 1 EXS Air Thin condom the thinnest condom in the world "It is like your not wearing a condom" 

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