Product no.: 230

Specifically designed to simulate the twilight / nighttime conditions that drunk drivers may face. The DIA Twilight Goggles are perfect for demonstrating how alcohol affects depth perception, reaction time, and coordination. Blood alcohol concentration is represented at blood alcohol content .10 to .17. It is not recommended to move around indoors or outside when wearing these goggles. Supervision is required.

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Product no.: 153

EXS Snug Fit Condoms are 49mm wide at the base and 180mm long for a tighter snugger fit. They may delay male sensitivity and delay ejaculation!. 

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Product no.: 002C Bulk Buy Condoms - 100

100 Assorted condoms - different packaging suitable for classroom or workshop settings, use with condom demonstrators (purchased separately)

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Product no.: 48

Condom Demonstrator with Ejaculating Function - Anatomically designed and made from firm yet flexible PVC

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Product no.: 93

These bargain condom demonstrators come in a range of colours, they are made from a ridged moulded plastic and are great for use in large groups or classroom settings.

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Product no.: 005C

Chirstmas Circular foil contains 1 EXS Air Thin condom the thinnest condom in the world "It is like your not wearing a condom" 

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